Little World
My project is meant to describe the fanciful nature of my backyard that I grew up in. My backyard has been a very significant place in my life and represents my childhood. With my images, I wanted to show how meaningful my yard has been to my family and me. I recreated memories from my childhood and set up slightly mysterious scenes. I photographed through a child-like lens, focusing on the small details of my yard to show what a magical, innocent, and safe place it was and is for me. 
For my project I decided to visually recreate the story of Echo and Narcissus. Echo and Narcissus is originally from Ovid’s Book of poetry. Echo was a nymph who had wronged Hera, so she was cursed to only be able to repeat others. Narcissus was the son of a river god and a nymph who Echo became infatuated with and when he rejected her she slowly faded away. Because of his cruelty, Narcissus was punished to fall in love with himself and stare at his reflection in a pool forever. I wanted to try to visually represent this story through my photographs. I have always been interested in mythology and I always thought this story was fascinating, especially because both of their names have been adopted in modern language. I relate to Echo because I am reluctant to be in the spotlight and especially reluctant to be on camera. I liked the idea of showing two sides of a coin because Echo and Narcissus compliment each other well.
The End is Near. 
For my project I explored an apocalyptic theme using sets that I built. I decided to show an invasion using cicadas and bees I have collected over the years. I wanted to represent a progression of destruction through my photographs. I drew some of my inspiration from movie scenes that show apocalyptic and alien invasion stories. In this project I combined sculpture and photography in a way that I have not done before and I really enjoyed. I made my sets with cardboard and foam core as well as childhood toys I found in my basement. Apocalypse is a theme that has continuously come up this past year. Part of the reason I chose this project idea is to reflect on recent political and social discourse about pressing topics like environmental challenges, Covid-19, and general political upheaval.
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