The motivation of my creativity comes from a multitude of areas. In this project, I recreated iconic images from the late artists that have propelled that motivation. These various artists have had such a major influence on me, being surrounded by their music since I was very young. Their work and artistry has shaped and molded me as I grew up. The idea behind this project was to pay homage and show the deep appreciation I have to the ones who have inspired and continue to inspire me everyday.

Self As George Michael, 2020

Self As Kurt Cobain, 2020

Self As Amy Winehouse, 2020

Self As David Bowie, 2020

Self As Dolores O'Riordan, 2020

Self As John Lennon, 2020
Music has been involved in countless aspects of my life ever since I can remember. I’ve grown up surrounded by this endless spectrum of sound and feeling without being bound by anything. Being immersed into all the forms, genres, and categories has created a musical aspiration within me. This project depicts the desire to discover, study, and understand music as a whole. These images serve as snapshots to portray this longing I have.
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