Indian woods is a small quiet neighborhood on the edge of another community named Edgebrook. Formerly used as a horse farm and large plot of land, the owner of the farm struck a deal with the natives at the time to give them a large part of the land back and the area was named “Indian Woods”. It is surrounded by Thaddeus Lechowicz woods, an area that all the residents in my neighborhood indulge in on a daily basis. In this project I try to photograph the relationship these two spaces hold and how I as a resident move in these spaces. 
Jean-Michel Basquiat is one of America's most eccentric and brilliant painters, Before he was famous and in his late teenage years he rented out a burnout apartment in east village New York with his girlfriend at the time and transformed it into his own studio. In this project I use the photos his girlfriend took of him at the time as reference to portray a creative genius burden by the pressures of growing out of adolescence and documenting the intimacy of him and his workspace.
​​​​​​​Hansei is a japanese word for the concept of self reflection, contemplation, and acting on improving oneself knowing one's flaws. In this series photos I used still life objects relating to my personal journey of self improvement and spiritual growth. 
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