Still Remembering
When working on this project I thought about the feeling of reaching for someone no longer there. My grandma passed away last summer, I was really close with her and seeing as she spent almost half a year in our house before passing made me feel like an outsider by not seeing her around and knowing that I wouldn’t see her anymore. 
I wanted to portray the feeling of losing someone important, how it feels in the beginning, seeing every place they spent time in, and the activities they did. But I also wanted to show how those feelings change and how they flow in and out as the days pass.
You Can’t Have A Revolution Without Songs
Violeta Parra was a Chilean musician and activist who pioneered the Nueva Cancion movement among many other artists, like Victor Jara and Inti-Illimani. She traveled throughout Chile to record the breadth of Chilean folk music, and this exposure served as inspiration for Nueva Cancion. Her work began to mix Chilean folk traditions with her growing concern for social conditions. The Nueva Cancion movement stood as an emblem of the socially, economically, and politically marginalized people of Latin America, and their struggle for social justice. 
When working on this project, I thought about my grandma a lot since she listened to Violeta Parra’s music, she always fought for what was right, and always helped whoever was in need. I wanted to recreate her pictures because I really admire her work and everything she did. Especially who she fought for with her music and the way she brought people together to fight for change.
Water is an essential resource for all life on Earth, when water sources become polluted, it affects all living things around it.
In this project I decided to focus on water pollution and its growing effects on living organisms, showcasing how the things that we use everyday are the same ones harming our environment.
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