Alas Rotas: Self as Frida Kahlo
Through the use of self portrait photography, I recreated photographs and paintings of Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. I also created my own interpretational photographs based on real events. Frida Kahlo endured so much physical and emotional pain throughout her life including a severe bus accident that left her with many injuries, diseases such as polio, a cheating husband and rocky relationship. She expressed herself and her pain through painting. I chose to put myself in the perspective of Frida Kahlo out of admiration and curiosity. I connect with her in the way that I also express myself and my afflictions through art. I find her ability to express her culture, life, womanhood, and emotions incredibly inspiring. I admire her strength and perseverance and wanted to further understand her as an artist and person. 
She Let Herself Go
Through the use of still life photography, I represented societal ideals of beauty regarding women. Women are constantly being looked at and instructed by society to look a certain way. One of the ways society creates these beauty standards is through Barbie dolls. Barbies portray physical “perfection”. They are usually white, skinny, blonde, and have a full face of makeup. I wanted to depict these ideals and subvert them in order to show that women shouldn’t change for anyone or be a certain way and are beautiful the way they are.  
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